Omaha Tap House offers great service, creative beer list

The Omaha Tap House is just what it appears to be: a sports bar serving lots of sporting events, a menu mostly of burgers and lots and lots of craft beer.

I found some things to like at this bar-meets-restaurant on the busy corner of 13th and Farnam Streets in downtown Omaha, including the extensive beer list, with lots of creative seasonal selections. Two burgers were perfectly seasoned and cooked.

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New Life for the Historic Barker Building

It’s been almost 15 years since the Barker Building was boarded up.  This Neo-Gothic Revival beauty, built by Omaha construction tycoon Peter Kiewit and Sons in 1929, the Barker Building is an important piece of Omaha’s architectural history. Read More

Barker Building’s Comeback and Clinic to Make Healthy Addition to Downtown

Barker Building's Comeback

By Cindy Gonzalez

Omaha World Herald

Apartment dwellers who move into the renovated downtown Omaha Barker Building next year will be just an elevator ride away from not only a toasted sandwich, but also a medical checkup and a pharmaceutical refill.

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CenturyLink Center proved pivotal to Omaha’s future

Omaha World Herald

By Erin Golden

Roger Dixon's first glimpse of what would become one of Omaha's biggest destinations came 12 years ago, out the back window of a taxi cruising into downtown from Eppley Airfield.

In town to interview for the top spot with the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority, Dixon asked the cabdriver where the city's new arena and convention center was supposed to be built.

The people in Omaha told him they had big plans: a facility that would draw in big-name music acts and major sporting events; a clean, modern extension of downtown. It would hum with energy from hotels and shops and restaurants.

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Metro Sees Resurgence in Downtown Construction

OMAHA, Neb. —Three multimillion-dollar development projects are moving ahead, bringing new apartments and commercial space to the metro.  The largest of the projects is the Barker Building, which will become 48 luxury apartments and 6,000 square-feet of retail space.

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Want to Save Money? Move Downtown

Want to Save Money? Move Downtown

By: Brett Arends –

My wife and I thought about moving out of the city to cut our expenses. Then we ran the numbers and realized it made no sense. If you want to save money these days, you have to move into the city. Crazy, but true.

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Affordable Omaha: The dollar stretches further here

Affordable Omaha: The dollar stretches further here

by Cindy Gonzalez – Omaha World Herald

As a 27-year-old college graduate who worked full time, Amy McElhaney was a bit concerned she hadn't progressed beyond sleeping on a futon in a sticky studio apartment.

Now that she's relocated from Chicago to Omaha, though, she's able to afford an apartment big enough to fit an actual bed. The place even has air conditioning and room to entertain guests.

McElhaney, four months into her new fund-raiser job, can attest to the findings of a University of Nebraska at Omaha analysis that says, essentially, the buck stretches further in Omaha. 

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Tapping into appeal of Downtown

Mike Moylan lives, socializes and is redeveloping key areas in downtown Omaha.

The loyal downtowner now is inviting like minds to work alongside him in office space he's helped transform into the Downtown Executive Center. Leases range from $195 a month for a "virtual" office to about $1,000 for a corner in the executive center located on the fourth floor of 1414 Harney St.

Moylan is optimistic about filling up the 29 spots, expecting to attract a chunk of the area's growing "creative class" of businesspeople in search of a certain energy and culture.

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When asked what kind of assurance he could give that his $176 million downtown development proposal would get done, Mike Moylan told the review committee that he couldn't give a commitment in this difficult economy.  Read More


What building in Omaha can boast such notorious guests as Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt and Buffalo Bill Cody? None other than the Paxton. Formerly the Paxton Hotel, the historical Old Market building is now the site of high-end condominiums and penthouses. With all of its amenities, it’s no wonder the development is rated best by Omahans. Aside from having one of Omaha’s largest fitness centers, the Paxton also holds a grand ballroom, a home theatre for private use and a rooftop deck that gives residents an extraordinary view of downtown Omaha. Read More

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